Dream It, Plan It, Manifest It, Do It... Live Your List!
The Perfect Tool For Creating, Planning,
and Living Your Bucket List
Introducing the Live Your List Planner
A Life Planner That Specifically Focuses On Helping You
Plan and Experience Your Bucket List

What do you want to experience? Organize your list
The first section of the planner is where you "capture" your list and organize it in different categories.  Where do you want travel?  How about adventures?  How about contribution? Relationships?  Health? 

There are 13 categories you can organize your list under.  This is the most important step in the process.  Dream big!
What's the first item you want to start planning? Getting started
The next section of the planner is where you start planning an individual item on your list.  Pick an item you want to experience and set a date, describe it, create an action list, decide who else will be involved, cost, who needs to be contacted, etc.

Now you are putting something into action.
Do you know your manifesting power? Attract your item
Live Your List is a manifesting process.  With this planner and these steps you will harness and activate your thoughts, words, feelings and actions to "draw" into your life what is needed for you to have this experience.  When you identify the specific energies that are aligned with your item then you will be in the manifesting process.
What else needs to happen? Watch and track the progress
As you plan and experience items on your list you will notice the ease and grace of the progress of manifesting your dream life.  This section lets you not only enhance the planning of your item but it's designed to help you note what's happening as it comes into your life.
Are you ready to live your dream life? This is where you LIVE your list!
In the end this planner is about helping you tap into your true potential and not only dreaming a BIG life but living it.  As each item comes into your life you'll want to dream  and play bigger. 

If you can dream it, you can do it.
Each planner package comes with:
  • The planner and planner pages - choose between faux leather and real leather.  You'll have enough pages to capture 100's of ideas and plan dozens.
  • The Live Your List mini-notebook - a pocket sized notebook to capture your list on the go so that you don't have to have your planner with you at all times.  Just capture items in the notebook and transfer it to your planner later
  • The Live Your List mini-book - a 32 page book that explains the Live Your List process
  • The Live Your List pen - a nice little touch added to your planner
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